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Few Aruba central questions with Instant AP's

Hi all,


I have a few questions about aruba central.


1. I need to change the native vlan in the instant cluster. On the normal gui and cli i can adjust this:


Conf t
enet-vlan <native vlan>
commit apply

But when the aps are under central management i cannot apply changes via the cli. I am unable to find this option in central.

What is the best way to adjust this?


2. In the normal gui under the SSID there is a option for bandwith limit per user. This option is not in central. is this by design?


3. When i add the instant virtual controller to central using the cloud activation key or MAC/Serial, it is nicely in central and i can adjust the licenses to it. But when i add instant ap's in the cluster, they will be visable in central in the cluster, but they wont apprear in the subscription assignment  area where we can put licenses on APs. Is this by design?



Thanks for helping me out.

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