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Foreign Clients Detected and Wired Profile Question

Hi All - 


Received an IAP225 the other day and am still getting acclimated to it before installing these into production - seems like a very robust device.


For the first question around Foreign Clients detected (under IDS) I'm assuming these are just clients the AP is detecting in the area?  At first I was concerned that somehow these clients were able to connect to my wireless LAN even with WPA2 enabled but the more I look at it the more I think this is just telling me it sees other clients elsewhere that could potentially be interfereing - is that right?  I don't see the foreign clients devices in my overall client count so thats why I'm drawing that conclusion.


Second question, the concept of wired profiles is new to me (More -> Wired) there are two profiles that already exist (wired-instant and default_wired_port_profile) - not entirely sure what these are.  It would appear they can be mapped to 1 of 4 ports/network assignments but the AP only has a en0 and en1 RJ45 jack. 


Other than those two questions so far everything else is making sense and I'm still studying the Aruba Instant guide.


Thanks for any input.


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Re: Foreign Clients Detected and Wired Profile Question



Please see the section of the Instant User guide here: about foreign clients


With regards to the wired profile, multiple different AP types can be part of the same cluster, so the configuration needs to account for devices capabilities that might not be supported by the existing Virtual Controller.

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