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From 5g 80mhz to 160mhz (IAP275)



Please let me know if its possible to change from 80mhz to 160MHZ on the IAP275, Im able to transmit up 80211/AC, 443.3mb/s thats pretty fast I would like to incresse the speed it possible to get the images off my camera as fast as possible, camera is shooting 14 images RAW files a sec file size is about 22mb each, so some bottlenecking occurs and it take a while to send about 200 images.


addtional, if theres a better way I can configure the IAP275 please let me know.



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Re: From 5g 80mhz to 160mhz (IAP275)

The IAP-275 supports up to 80mhz channels according to the datasheet.


If you are indoors, you would fare better.  If you are outdoors, you are at the mercy of the interference in the environment and the distance from the access point.

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Re: From 5g 80mhz to 160mhz (IAP275)

im outdoors unfortunately, its pretty fast in transmitting i believe i have to slow the shooting down there no bottlenecking.



Re: From 5g 80mhz to 160mhz (IAP275)

There is no support for 160Mhz on the AP-270 family. The AP-370 family will support 160, but there is very little benefit or efficacy to using 160Mhz outdoors. 


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