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From Meru to Aruba

Recently we switched from Meru(physical controler) to aruba (virtual controler) on a brand new set up almost no isssues in buildings were no previous wiffi was set up( except for radious adds) when we set up were there was previously (meru) wifi aps we lose DHCP and network becomes in and out, causing all ipads and macbook to eventually give the defualt ip address and lose connection, the ap is still showing the aruba (broadcasting) however not network until I turn of dchp on device turn back on and renew lease(on macs) . Is there a setting onairwave or controller that may effect this?

Re: From Meru to Aruba

We need a little bit more information :

What type IAP you are using ?
what IAP is you have installed ?
Are you using an internal DHCP or External ?
How do have your APs connect to the switch as an Access Port or a trunk ?
What type of authentication are you using ?

What do you mean you turn off dhcp on and off ?
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: From Meru to Aruba

Im using the 225 arubas in a 1to 1 enviroment, and yes it is in a trunk setting and its on a external vlan9DHCP)WPA2 IS THE authintication.

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