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Getting IP address for 303H

Need some help.  How can you the setmeup to be visable and get an IP through a Rogers CGN3 modem.   The AP can't seem to get an IP to get to Instant.  



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Re: Getting IP address for 303H

The 303H's ship with the unified AP code.

You should see a setmeup SSID. 

The router that you have here doesn't appear to be POE so you'll need either the power adapter or a midspan PoE injector. 


The AP will also need to have an IP address from DHCP.

If DHCP is disabled you can connect via the micro USB console connection on the back of the AP and use setenv commands to set a static IP.

setenv ipaddr x.x.x.x

setenv netmask 255.x.x.x

setenv gatewayip x.x.x.x

If you have a controller on the same subnet (ADP), or have DHCP options configured AP's  then the AP will try to become a campus AP. 





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Re: Getting IP address for 303H

If the IAP is not able to get IP address, it will not boot up completely and not able to start broadcasting the setMeUp ssid.

1.Does the modem have extra ethernet ports? If yes, then, if you can connect a laptop with its wired port connected to this modem wired port and start sniffing packets with wireshark running on laptop, you can see the dhcp (DISCOVER, OFFER, REQUEST,ACK) packets between IAP and modem. Please note that these are broadcast packets and you should see them in captures and see where the issue might be.

2.On the modem itself, is it giving out the IP to IAP, but the IAP not able to use the IP or modem is not able to give out the IP.


Hope this initial troubleshooting gives some clues on what is happening.



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Re: Getting IP address for 303H

Just took anotehr look at the 303H console port.

It appears that its not a buildin 3.3 ttl to 5v usb serial adapter. The microUSB is just another connector form factor as the previous 4 pin headers. You still need to use the microUSB then break that out to a 3.3 v TTL to 5 v RS232/ usb console adapter. 


So if you don't happen to have one of these sitting around, that you can hack together from your Raspberry Pi stash, you can use the e1 port.


Provide power via either a mid-span, or power adapter.

Add to your hosts file.

Then connect to port 1.

You should get an IP address of 172.31.98.x/24. 

Go to

You can then set up from the GUI. 




Re: Getting IP address for 303H

Yup, you'll need the AP-CBL-SERU (JY728A) adapter cable. Work with your Aruba account team to get one or more of those.

The adapter cable includes the conversion circuitry. The USB driver may already sit on your laptop, or can be downloaded from the Aruba support website.

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