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HP Color LaserJet M452dn AirPrint Issue



I have raised this with Alcatel TAC and this is not really going anywhere. So I thought to get the opinion of some of the users here:




We have recently deployed an Alcatel IAP solution. This site was switched over from Alcatel controllers to Alcatel IAPs.

This setup for this site is very basic, they have 24 AP’s in one cluster and are advertising two SSIDs.

The SSIDs are 802.1x and pre-shared key. The 802.1x authenticates to two different servers. The other is just a pre-shared key.


The issue we are experiencing at this school is that two printers keep going dropping off the ipad/iphone airprint list.

The AirGroup services in the VC, they have the following enabled:

  • Enabled AirPlay
  • Enabled AirPrint
  • Enabled DLNA
  • Enabled DLNA Print
  • Enabled Bonjour
  • Enabled Bonjour across mobility domains


They have 13 printers at this site and two of the printers randomly go offline and they have to reboot them so they can see them on the iPhones and iPads.

The users connect their devices to pre-shared SSID and the printers are also connected to this SSID. They also print from the 802.1x SSID


Both SSIDs have the following enabled:


Broadcast filtering: ARP

Multicast Transmission Optimization: enabled

Dynamic Multicast optimization: enabled

Transmit rates 2.4GHz: 6 min – 54 max

Transmit rates 5GHz: 6 min – 54 max


When the issue happens the printers are pingable from wired and wireless, just not seen on AirPrint. This proves they are still connected, just not seen on AirPrint. The printer model is: HP Color LaserJet M452dn. 


I have seen numerous Aruba AirHeads articles with people experiencing this problem in earlier 6.4 code versions. We have tried the things they have suggested in the forums, but they have not made a difference.

Please could you advise us on this issue further and if you need anything please let me know.



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Re: HP Color LaserJet M452dn AirPrint Issue

I have disabled Ipv6 on all the printers last week and it seem to make the printers stable, meaning they were not dropping off the airplay list. This week, however, random printers were still dropping off the list. Does anyone have any further ideas?

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