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HPE Aruba AP-315

HI guys,


I need some help.

I recently purchased a few HPE Aruba AP-315 and I'm having trouble getting started. 

I can't access them to start up the config. I can see their IP on the network along with the MAC address but can't reach the web interface.


I tried different PoE switches with no result.

Power light is green and flashing

Am I doing something wrong?

Re: HPE Aruba AP-315

On the back does it say 'AP-315' or 'IAP-315'? if it's an AP-315, it will require an Aruba controller to terminate on before it's manageable. if it's 'IAP-315', make sure there's not another IAP cluster or AP on the same VLAN.


Jerrod Howard
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Re: HPE Aruba AP-315

yes it's AP-315.

I'll have to send them back and get the IAPs



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