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Having issues with 103 IAP DHCP when adding into the cluster


We have total 6 nos. of IAP 103. I configured the master with two SSID with virtual assigned "Local" DHCP scopes as follows

GUEST--> subnet --> Guest SSID

Employee--> subnet --> Employee SSID
With the Master only running, all the clients are able to get an IP from both scopes and browse the Internet with no problems.

Strangelty, the moment we add more IAPs of the same model into the cluser. All IAPs suddently stops releasing IP addresses from the given scopes. All IAPs are part of the same WIFI VLAN and they are assigned static IPs within the range or 10.13.13.x/24.

IAPs are running on version 

Is there any known issues as such? Or perhaps I missed something?


Please assist




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Re: Having issues with 103 IAP DHCP when adding into the cluster

Want to add that IAPs are synchronizing the configuration with the Master without problems. I also see many errors related to encryption " Integrity check failure in encrypted message". Though I'm using WPA/WPA2 personal with the corresponding preshared key..

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