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Having issues with iAP 93s

We have four 93s located around our building and I am no longer able to connect to the WebUI.  They are still providing an internet connection to our patrons, though.  I was able to do connect yesterday, both through and through the IP address (  


Now, I cannot connect via either of those methods.  I cannot even ping the gateway IP anymore.  I was in the UI yesterday, looking for a way to adjust lease times.  I don't know if I accidentally clicked and changed some setting.  Is there anyway I can get back into the WebUI without resetting all 4 APs? One requires a rather tall ladder to do so.



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Re: Having issues with iAP 93s

I assume you have power bricks or PoE injectors in the celing next to the AP's? Are all the AP's connected to one switch?

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