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Dear Community,

Our customer would like to test the IAP-275, but we'are facing a problem. After the AP gets IP from a DHCP server, we are able to reach the AP via its IP. We already configured it as a standalone AP. After we log in the default instant SSID is there, and it disappears after we create a new SSID, but the led is still solid red, and we can not see the SSID if we try to reach it by an other device. Although the SSID is on the AP's GUI top left corner

We did a firmware upgrade, but no success.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Re: Hi

I would suggest checking to see if the 275 is getting enough power.   I think it requires at least 23W.


We had an issue with five 275s that were connected to a POE switch but were not getting enough power.  They were dropping and restarting about every 8-9 minutes.   Once we got them enough power, they stayed up and ran fine.

Re: Hi

Correct, a red LED indicates insufficient power. The 27x APs require 802.3at power. If you are using an 'at' capable switch, make sure it also has LLDP enabled (in most cases this is a requirement on the switch to provide more power). If you are using a mid-span power injector, it MUST be 802.3at. 


Note that 'Cisco POE+' is NOT 802.3at, though they are often used interchangeably. 

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Re: Hi

Dear jhoward,


Meanwhile I asked the log file from the customer, and it shows an insufficient power problem. I asked them to try it with a PoE+ capable switch, because they tested it with an adapter, which I don't know.

I hope the problem goes away. Anyway I'll make a post tomorrow


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Re: Hi



The adapter was the problem. Everythings fine now.

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