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Hidden SSID not working on Windows8.1 basic

Hi guys,


I have an issue with hidden SSID and Windows 8.1basic on IAP 105 running The deployment is quite simple:



  • 2 hidden SSID WPA2-PSK, AES-CCMP
  • IPs network assignment
  • No VLANs.
  • NO IPS running.

Everything was working fine until the customer bought new devices running Win8.1 basic edition. Those devices couldn´t connect to the network though they were properly configured. We checked the configuration and the only log we saw in the IAP was the association attempt with "auth=no".


Doing some tests, we realized that once we had tuned off the hidden SSID option, everything worked fine. The most weird thing is that those devices work fine with a hidden SSID configured in domestic ADSL router.


Could you help me with this issue? Our customer wants to keep hidden the SSIDs and I see no problem on the Aruba IAPs. We are facing this problem just on devices with Win8.1 basic edition; all laptops running Window8.1 pro edition are working fine as well as iPad, iPhone, Android... I think it´s a Windows problem, but maybe one of you knows how to fix it.


Thanks in advance,





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