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How do I delete old database entries on Airwave?

I've added and removed APs several times while trying to diagnose an issue between AirWave and instant. Now when I move the IAP to another category, it tells me there are several APs in that category when there are none (So, moving it says Category (0/8) even though there are 0 APs in that category.)


Re: How do I delete old database entries on Airwave?

Typically any IAP that AirWave hears will be added into the new devices list.  The next case is that if the organization string / shared secret pair were present, then it might auto add into the group/folder.


You can check from the UI, but I typically cheat and try to do a db search:

# dbc "select id, name, lan_mac, state, ap_folder_id, ap_group_id from ap where lan_mac ilike '%DC%';"

helper queries:

# dbc 'select id, name from ap_group;'

# dbc 'select id, name from ap_folder;'



0 => pending (should be in new devices list)

1 => approved (would appear when you view group/folder)

3 => ignored (would appear if you show ignored devices - usually a link at bottom of page)


Try deleting from the UI if possible.  The delete option appears on the device entry's manage page.  If you can't find the entry, then you might want to work with support to clean up the extra entries.


Another alternative is that if you know which is the instance you'd like to keep, you can run the detect duplicate devices script:

# cd /root/svn/mercury/scripts

# ./ --list_duplicates



[root@robs_amp scripts]# --help
Usage : /usr/local/airwave/bin/ [--list_duplicates | --run | --list_null_devices | --delete_null_devices]
Options :
--list_duplicates Display duplicate devices that would be deleted.
--run Deletes duplicates devices.
--list_null_devices Display APs with empty fields.
--delete_null_devices Delete APs with empty fields.

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