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How to clear IAP Alerts - Active Faults

Had a major issue this morning with our RADIUS server (ClearPass) and at one time all our VC's were reporting 'Active Faults' saying that the RADIUS server was down after a major configuration upgrade.


Found and fixed the problem (bad shared key in the new configuration), but I'm showing that half of the VC's are still reporting the error, but I'm able to see successful RADIUS connections from all of our VC's, even those that are reporting the error.


It appears that from the GUI, there is no way to delete the error. I l looked into the CLI and while I can view the error (show fault) I still have no way of clearing it. I've been watching the system for the past two hours and it still hasn't cleared.


My questions are:

  • Why did this fault clear on roughly half of my VC's, but not the other half after fixing the shared key?
  • How do I clear the alert?
  • Anyway to do this without performing a full system reboot (Last time I had this, this is what support said to do and it worked. Sorry but that is lame)?
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Re: How to clear IAP Alerts - Active Faults

Bumping this one because there are no answers, and it shows up as the first search result. Is there still no way to clear active faults? I have the exact same scenario, an active fault shows for a RADIUS server, even though it's been fixed.


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