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How to configure DHCP Option 121 on IAP



We are trying to configure a DHCP server on an IAP-215, but there is no documentaiton on what needs to be set for the <value> field.


We have found references for option 242 here:


I was hoping someone could help us out here.  What are the <value> fields that we can enter to configure option 121?


It seems to be different syntax options, formats, and support for different APs and we are not familiar with the Aruba configuration optioins.


We have tried looking in the CLI and User Guide PDFs from, but have not been able to find any information on what we actually need to enter into the <value> field.

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Re: How to configure DHCP Option 121 on IAP

Google tells me that the value is likely to be in hex in the following format.


where n=mask, d=destination, g=gateway.

I think you need to read up on DHCP option 121.

Here's an example from the link below:

To add a route to the destination network of via gateway

The value would = 0x18C0A837AC100A01

ACCX #540 | ACMX #353 | ACDX #216 | AMFX #11

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Re: How to configure DHCP Option 121 on IAP

Excellent, thank you for the reference links!

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