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How to determine IAP part number?

Hello. I have a number of IAP 315s. I can retrieve the model number with show version, but I'm having trouble finding the part number. I tried putting the serial number in the HPE warranty check, but it wouldn't tell me there either. Short of climbing a ladder to pull one down, how can I determine the part number of the device? For reference, you can see there are a few IAP 315 part numbers in the document I've linked below. I realize it's likely mine is either JW813A or JW813ACM since I'm US based, but is there a way to tell for sure via CLI or GUI maybe?


Re: How to determine IAP part number?

for US based IAP-315 here are the part numbers

JW813A             Aruba Instant IAP-315 (US)

JW814A             Aruba Instant IAP-315 (US) TAA version

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