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How to find DNS for VC

Hopefully this will be simple. 


In the CLI of the virtual controller, how to I identify which DNS servers the virtual controller or AP is using? I can do a show ip interface brief and see the IP/subnet, but I can't find the DNS addresses. IAP is on code.


We need to troubleshoot connectivity to the DNS server, which I believe is not reachable.



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Re: How to find DNS for VC

Try "show summary support"

show summary support

System Location      :
Domain               :US
VC IP Address        :
VC VLAN              :0
VC Mask              :
VC Gateway           :
Content Filtering    :disable
Terminal Access      :enable
Telnet Server        :enable
Organization         :
Airwave Server       :
Airwave Backup Server:
Airwave Prov Backup  :
Number of VC transition  :0
Airwave Shared Key   
Airwave Config Via   :UI
Airwave              :Connected
Airwave Mode         :Monitor
Aruba Central Server        :
Aruba Central        :Not Set Up
Managed Via          :Airwave
Syslog Server        :
Syslog Level         :warn
Band                 :all
Master IP Address   *:
IP Address           :
Netmask              :
Gateway              :
NameServer           :  <----------
NameServer           :  <----------

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Re: How to find DNS for VC

That was perfect, exactly what I was looking for. I was able to simplify it a little by using


show summary support | include NameServer


Thanks for the help!

Michael Haring
If my answer is helpful, a Kudos is always appreciated!
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