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How to get Aruba AP LLDP info to update on ProVision switches? Names don't refresh.

On Provision switches, it seems that the LLDP info sent by the AP at initial connection is what sticks.  The "show lldp info remote" output never reflects the later AP name until after the AP is rebooted, at best, and sometimes that doesn't even do the trick.   (This may also be causing device profiling to work intermittently.) No Airwave at this customer, it's actually Central.

Example after naming APs and rebooting them:

sho lldp inf rem

LLDP Remote Devices Information 

LocalPort | ChassisId PortId PortDescr SysName

G3 | f0 5c 19 c7 25 62 f0 ... bond0 f0:5c:19:c7:25:62
G4 | f0 5c 19 c7 25 9c f0 ... bond0 f0:5c:19:c7:25:9c
G5 | f0 5c 19 c7 25 4c f0 ... bond0 f0:5c:19:c7:25:4c
G6 | f0 5c 19 c7 25 72 f0 ... bond0 f0:5c:19:c7:25:72
G7 | f0 5c 19 c7 25 8a f0 ... bond0 f0:5c:19:c7:25:8a

G20 | f0 5c 19 c7 22 6e f0 ... bond0 WHF-WAP-B236

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