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How to have a network with only White Listed MAC's

We are a health clinic with IAP-305-US AP's. We do NOT have RADIUS, Clear Pass, AirWave, or anything else. Just the AP's. We desire only our company supplied laptops on our work network. On our old Meraki system, we had a whitelist for the work (Private)network, where only the MAC's in our whitelist had access to the work network. The public (Guest) network was open to all devices. In this system, I have a "MAC authentication" box that I can enable, but then it just gives me the choice to add users, with a username and passwords. No place to put MAC addresses. If we assign our users usernames and passwords, they can still bring in their own devices and use them on the work network with their username and password. So we are looking for a way to use MAC addresses so only those devices we allow can use the work network. We only have about 16 laptops, so hand entering the MAC's is not an issue. I just can't find a place to put them. Any ideas?

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Re: How to have a network with only White Listed MAC's

So I am not sure why my various searches, "MAC whitelist", "Whitelist MAC", etc could not find anything, but after following numerous threads, I stumbled upon the answer by kdisc98 at Very simple. Very easy when you know how. Just not intuitive. (In essence, you put the MAC address in lowercase with no delimiter in both the User box and the Password box).

Thanks very much to kdisc98.

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