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How to know what IP the IAP got

If I ship an IAP to a customer who then connects it to a Comcast link, how do I know what IP the IAP got? Is this where Aruba Activate comes in? This will be a DHCP lease, so what if the IP changes? How do we know what the new IP is? How does that work for management via Airwave?





Re: How to know what IP the IAP got

The IAPs will initially get an IP from DHCP.  They can be statically set after that if you want.    These are the IPs assigned to the IAP itself.  The virtual controller should have an IP assigned to it (statically).  This way if the VC goes down and another picks up; it can assume the VC address.  The image below shows an IP of assigned to the IAP itself, but a staic IP of for the virtual controller.


The first time you plug in IAPs, they'll advertise the "instant" SSID.   If you connect and browse to any web page, you'll be redirected to the virtual controller web interface where you can see this IP info.   You can then set a static IP for the virtual controller (and IAPs if desired).



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