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How to prevent RAP-155 from downloading previous owners Config?

Newbie question but I haven't figured out how to search for it with the right terms. This is for a used unit that seems to have been set up for cloud / remote management. Situation is that I can factory reset and add it to my Instant cluster just fine as long as there is no internet connection. As soon as I connect the internet it back rev's itself to 6.4.x.x, reboots out of the cluster and changes the login so I can't get in any more. I've looked at the console logs and system info output but don't see where it has a Cloud setting that I could clear before connecting to the web. Two other RAP-155 units came into the cluster just fine and don't have this issue.

Could someone please advise me on how to either disable/clear this feature or at least what the actual mechanism is? I'm not afraid of cli or the manual but could use some direction as to where in the 800+ pages to look...

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Re: How to prevent RAP-155 from downloading previous owners Config?

It seems like that access point is still part of Aruba Central.  You should contact technical support here: to see what can be done about that.

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