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How to upgrade different AP in Intant environment.



I am all new to this. Taking down HP MSM760 and MSM430 AP and replacing them with IAP 315. One AP was upgraded an configured before putting it in a closes VLAN with the AP's inside. Everything running smoothly. BUT..! I have 4 IAP 335 that I need to get up and running in the same closed VLAN. They are kind of like submittet to the Instant virtual controller. But they are not showing up. I googled around and figured out that it could be a firmware mismatch.
Then I downloaded the same firmeware version as running on the IAP 315 but the one for the IAP 335 and is trying to upgrade it throug the TFTP -SSH Console. But I get an error "We could only upgrade image via master"


The reson for the closed VLAN is the leftovers of the old maintenance VL for the MSM760. We are waiting for the aruba controller to get shipped to us. But was desperete to get the wifi up and running after a long period of MSM failures.


Can anyone advice me ?


Kind regards

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