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How to verify enhanced open on instant

hey airheads,

i updated an instant setup to yesterday in a lab enviroment, setup an SSID with captive portal and activated enhanced open.


tested with a android 9 phone patchlevel 2018-12-01, snapdragon 845.


How to verify if OWE is active?

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Re: How to verify enhanced open on instant

You can verify this using the command 'show ap bss-table', if you look for the O/o flags this will advise if it is OWE enabled.


Flags:       K = 802.11K Enabled; W = 802.11W Enabled; 3 = WPA3 BSS; O = OWE Transition mode OWE BSS; o = OWE Transition mode Open BSS; M = WPA3-SAE mixed mode BSS

Does the device in question support OWE? If you wish to disable transition mode so it is strictly OWE use the below command:


wlan ssid-profile

 The command 'show ap association' will also show if the client has an O flag next to it:


Flags: H: Hotspot(802.11u) client, K: 802.11K client, M: VHT Mu beam formee, R: 802.11R client, W: WMM client, w: 802.11w client, V: 802.11v BSS trans capable, P: Punctured preamble, U: HE UL Mu-mimo, O: OWE client, S: SAE client, E: Enterprise client

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Re: How to verify enhanced open on instant

sadly there is no information from qualcomm if the snapdragon 845 already supports OWE. There ae only announcements  it will support wpa3 but no confirmations or device lists.

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Re: How to verify enhanced open on instant

More testing done:


Android (Mi 8 Pro) Supports OWE


AP303h ************************ y y 1 1 _owetm_TEST3484306596 1 a-VHT-80sgi-2ss 1m:16s 1 WVwMO Yes (Implicit)

Iphone 8 does not support OWE

AP303h ********************** y y 1 20 TEST 1 a-VHT-80sgi-2ss 7s 1 WV Yes (Implicit)

But when the Android is connected via OWE the captive Portal is not working and i get a 404.


Can Anyone Test this?!


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