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How would you track down a bridging client?

Yesterday (about 4:20pm according to Airwave) the WLAN at store 6 justmed from 7 clients to 27 -- most of them on AP3-1.


After panicking about our super-secret PSK getting shared (or cracked) I realized that the list of client MAC addresses were all from our wired client VLAN.


In the iAP GUI I see 20+ clients associated to AP3-1, including the VRRP MAC address of our routers on the wired VLAN.

This makes me feel better -- no bad guy -- but worse -- how to track it down?


In the Support dialog, I run:

"show ap association" and see just one entry -- the MAC address belonging to our in-store terminal server which is wired only, so couldn't be the actually associated device.

"show ap client table" and see three entries -- a Xerox printer (with no WiFi adapter), a wired IP camera and a wired Dell thin client, all with no WLAN adapter.


I was hoping to see an actual wireless-associated device which I could then blame for bridging the wired space into the wireless space. What else should I look for?


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