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IAP-103 VC and APs VLAN settings howto?

I'm new to the world of ARUBA, I would like to configure a virtual controller based instant AP network. I'm using IAP-103 with

I have to implement a wireless network to an existing network, but there are unmanaged SOHO devices, so I will use my own HP1920 for the wireless network and only 1 port going to connect to the current network. I will get an IP address, gateway and DNS server ip address, by these I will have internet connection. So I figured, I will configure the wireless network by Source NAT, because of the easy deployment.

1: current data network
99: mgmt traffic
2:  ssid1 traffic
3:  ssid2 traffic

In the current network (vlan10) should not be used DHCP server. But I would like to use DHCP in the VC, because of the large number of AP's and easy expansion later, so I created a DHCP for the mgmt VLAN (99).
Now I created 3 DHCP server in the VC (vlan 2, 3, and 99), but how should I configure the vlan settings
in the AP's? (AP edit -> Uplink -> Uplink management VLAN)
in the VC? (System -> Show Advanced Settings -> Virtual Controller VLAN)
in the wired profile? (More -> Wired -> profile Edit -> 2.VLAN -> Mode should trunk, but how about the native VLAN and allowed, tagged VLANs?)
in the HP switch ports, where AP's connected?

Now its working, but the management and the data traffic is in the same vlan, and I should set the APs ip address manually, because the existing network don't use DHCP.
Current settings:
APs Uplink management VLAN: 0
wired profile VLAN: trunk, native vlan: 1, allowed vlans: 1,2,3,99


Re: IAP-103 VC and APs VLAN settings howto?

If you use local DHCP in VC for your data traffic you need to define the VLANs on each switchport you have an IAP connected and also needs to be define in your VC wired port profile. ( I recommend using anything but VLAN 1)

If you want 99 to be your VC management VLAN then that should be set as your native VLAN on both sides(switchport and VC wired port profile)

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