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IAP 104 with external AP-ANT-13B antenna.

Has anyone deployed an IAP 104 with 4x AP-ANT-13B with good results? 


I am looking to deploy this setup in a ship for 4-6 crew cabins, one AP should be enought the issue I have is all the metal everywhere, so if I deply one AP in the Hallway, as soon as doors are closed the WiFi signal drops off. I was thinking of putting the IAP 104 in and running 1x AP-ANT-13B to the ceilings of the cabins. 


I wondered if this would be adequate of if I am better off with a higher gain Yagi style antenna(s) hidden in the Ceilings?




Re: IAP 104 with external AP-ANT-13B antenna.

Without knowing the environment, this can be tricky.  Even if the signal is strong enough from the AP, can the AP hear the return from the client?  


I would say run the AP or antenna to the room itself.  Depending on the length of the antenna cable, keep in mind the dB loss over distance.  

Seth R. Fiermonti
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Re: IAP 104 with external AP-ANT-13B antenna.

My idea Seth was to locate the AP in the corridor ceiling and then run the 4 antenna to the cabins one per cabin so the layout resembles a 4 pointed star.


I will let you know how we proceed!



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