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IAP 105 Country code issue

I have a device asking for the country code. This Aruba AP is located in the United State. There is no option to select USA.


I get this when I login to the GUI. I can't continue any further.


The device is at a remote site. I can ssh and added the command virtual-controller-country US but no luck.


Any clues?

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Re: IAP 105 Country code issue

You have a "Rest of World" version of the IAP-105.  A "Rest of World" version cannot be converted to a -US version.   You will need to work with your reseller and get a replacement IAP-105-US.  This is a Regulatory Domain issue and the -US version only allows channels we use in the US.


You can verify this by looking at the back of the IAP and you will see a small white sticker.  If it says "IAP-105" or "IAP-105-RW" that is your confirmation. 

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Re: IAP 105 Country code issue

I didn't see the label on the AP because I shipped it out to a remote site.

I'm getting the device RMA. Thanks for the feedback.

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