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IAP 105 Master issue

I have just installed an IAP 105 cluster.  The issue I have is.  When the master IAP is rebooted, It does not take over the role of master.  It just blinks Red lights on the antenna's until I reboot the current elected master. 


Any Ideas.  If this is a repost I am sorry, I could not find a similar post.

Re: IAP 105 Master issue


What IAP OS code are you running ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: IAP 105 Master issue

Do you have "Auto-Join" enabled or disabled?


No IAP in a cluster is designated as a permanent Master / VC.  If the active VC goes offline another IAP will automatically take over as the new VC and will remain the VC until it goes offline / reboots.  This is, in part, based on system uptime.


That being said, that IAP should re-join the group as a member so something is wrong.


What version of SW are you running?  v.3.3 is the current and has a number of fixes for similar issues.  Without TAC involvement, however, I don't know if you are hitting one of these issues but this is an easy thing to try.


Re: IAP 105 Master issue

Edit.....removed as looks to be answered correctly.

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Re: IAP 105 Master issue

I rebooted all the other IAP's and the .25 AP came back on line.  I was able to run the firmware upgrade to the AP's and all AP's came back up with the new Firmware.

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Re: IAP 105 Master issue

I rebooted the other 16 AP's and the .25 AP came online.  We upgraded to the latest firmware last Wednesday night and all AP's were active.  This morning I was informed that the AP was down again this morning Antenna showing red.  The only way to have it come online is to reboot all the other AP's.

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Re: IAP 105 Master issue

Please open a case with TAC to do further debugging.

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Re: IAP 105 Master issue

The issue was resolved.


I had the VC IP the same as one of the IAP's.  Once I changed the IP of the switch.  I no longer had issues with the Master Role.

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Re: IAP 105 Master issue

I am deploying multiple iAP105's .  Does seperating the ip of the ap from the virtual controller mean that i wont really know which ap is the controller?  Does it matter?

is there a place where i set the ip for the virtual controller so i can always browse to it ?


thanks for your help.

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