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IAP-105 - Slowing changing lights sequence

My problem has just started today when I’ve gone to move two of my IAP’s where now the status lights on the front read:

Green, red,red,red, on the other units they are Green, red, green, green.

I can’t seem to be able to access the since these two have gone a different combination.

Also, these two unit’s don’t seem to be boosting the wifi signal as they used to be.


I’ve done a factory reset on the two in question, but each time they revert back to the G,R,R,R light status.


I need to move another 2 unit's but fear that if I do, then they won't work.


Please help

Re: IAP-105 - Slowing changing lights sequence


That usually means that the device is not able to pick up an IP address 

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: IAP-105 - Slowing changing lights sequence

If the WiFi LEDs are amber that means the radios are not on.


When you moved these IAPs did you connect them to another group that is already running?  If yes then you may have one of the following issues: 1. Country codes are mixed within the group. An IAP-105-US, for example, can only connect to other -US IAPs. 2. Mixed versions of SW running within a group.  All IAPs must run the same version as the VC.



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Re: IAP-105 - Slowing changing lights sequence

What I'll do then is disconnect them, except one, re-configure them all again from scratch.
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