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IAP-105 VLAN 1 tagging issue



Hope someone will be able to help with this. Network setup we have is that IAPs are working on VLAN 20, and switch ports are configured as having VLAN 20 as native. Router and switch are on VLAN 1. Client devices are using VLAN 21, 22, and 23, so those VLANs are trunked on switch port:


interface FastEthernet0/22

description Aruba IAP switchport trunk native vlan 20 switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,20-24 

switchport mode trunk 

speed 100 

duplex full


Authentication is done through CPPM. When connecting device that is meant to use VLAN 1 we are seeing it authenticating OK, but device never managed to get an IP address from DHCP server (in our DC). Even static assignment of an IP doesn't help, and no traffic is getting out from device (we cannot ping it, either). It seems that native VLAN, as far as VC is in question, is VLAN 1


JS2316_AP04_24:de:c6:c4:b0:04# show running-config | inc enet                  

enet-vlan 1


Changing native VLAN from 1 to 20 lead to loss of management on cluster (resolved only by visit to site). Any ideas/suggestions will be most welcome.



Kind regards,


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Re: IAP-105 VLAN 1 tagging issue

perhaps you already got it worked out, but you can configure the mgmt VLAN for the IAP. in your case that should become 20 i believe.


you can change it on the IAP, select it in the middle screen and click edit then the Uplink tab to change the Uplink management VLAN.

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Re: IAP-105 VLAN 1 tagging issue

Hi Friend,


There can be many reasons for this. here according to your description native VLAN can be one of the issue and bellow are the steps to change the wired port settings,

1. Select More-->Wired

2. Select the Policy which is selected for your port connected to the switch(0/0)

3. Select Edit


4. Select mode, IP assignment method, Native VLAN and allow VLAN




Hope got some help.


Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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