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IAP-105 WPA2 Problems



I recently purchased 3 iAP-105s for a smaller office but im having problems getting a WPA2 network using only the internal database going.


When i try to connect with one of my computers it complains that the authentication server did not respond.


I currently do not have any SSL certificate uploaded to the server and figured this was the issue.  So I purchased an SSL certificate for my domain name using an openssl csr and a .pem certificate.


When i try to upload the certificate to the IAP i get the following error though:


"Decode RSA key error"


The certificate was created using RSA 2048.


Does anyone know how to fix this ?



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Re: IAP-105 WPA2 Problems

You need to upload the certificate file in PEM or PKCS#12 format with passphrase (PSK). Did you enter (correctly) the passphrase?

Once you have uploaded the cert you will be able to use PEAP + TTLS (for TLS you also need a CA certificate and certificates issued to the clients).

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