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IAP 105 almost smoking hot

I just took down an IAP-105, and was shocked to find it was so hot it was uncomfortable to touch it. I then went around and checked another unit, and it was the same. Are these units supposed to run very hot?!



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Re: IAP 105 almost smoking hot

In my experience, the 105s tend to run hot.

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Re: IAP 105 almost smoking hot

From the datasheet:



Are u operating those units with POE switch/ POE injector or an AC adapter <- and if so - is it supplied and bought from Aruba? AP-AC-XX ?



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Re: IAP 105 almost smoking hot

I am operating one with a POE injector (from SonicWall) the rest from POE switch (cisco small business). I guess I will stop worrying if it is normal for them to get this hot!



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