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IAP-105 and AP-175

Hello, recently set up 4 IAP-105's indoors, one of them is the master controller. We are attempting to now setup an AP-175 outdoor unit. Unfortunately the controller cannot "see" the AP-175. Can the AP-175 work in conjunction with the IAP-105 controller? Thinking maybe we were supposed to get the IAP-175 instead of the AP-175.


My boss is in the field attempting the install, and he has reassured me that the LAN cable they are plugging the AP-175 into is on the same subnet...


Re: IAP-105 and AP-175

The IAPs can not communicate with a non-IAP access point. The master will not be able to 'see' the AP 175 unless it is running the same IAP software.


Are you trying to create a mesh link between two buildings or is the plan to have an outdoor IAP?


thx, Shashi

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Re: IAP-105 and AP-175

Thanks Shashi, the objective is to have an signal outside, but conrollable by the IAP-105 inside master.


Re: IAP-105 and AP-175

You'll need an IAP-175 for this to work

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