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IAP 105 and AP135

I'm a newbie to Aruba products, so apologize for the silly question. We have a remote site where I'd like to take advantage of the radio technology of the ap135, but really don't need a full on controller. I want to preserve device association and roaming. Can I use a IAP105 as a controller to manage 4, AP135's?  Is my only choice to use a 620 or all IAP's in order to preserve device association and roaming?


Re: IAP 105 and AP135

You can use the Aruba Instant product with 4 IAPs - one of them acts as a virtual controller to manage the Instant network.


What clients are in use at your site and are you referring to layer 2 (all clients have IP addresses in the same subnet across roams) or layer 3 roaming (across subnets)?



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Re: IAP 105 and AP135

I realize I can use 4 IAP's together, but can I have 1 or 2 IAP's and manage an additional 4, ap135 at the same location? Can they coexist?


The clients would be in the same layer network with the same IP address space.




Re: IAP 105 and AP135

All the APs would have to be IAPs - running the Aruba Instant software. You can't manage regular campus APs from the IAP virtual controller.


I hope this answers your question.


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