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IAP-105 and IAP-135 On Same Network

Is there any truth to the rumor that if you add an IAP-135 to a network of IAP-105s, the 135 will "dumb down" to be a 105?


I'd like to add some 135s to my network where the extra bandwidth would come in handy.  The 135s would be grouped together, but they'll still potentially see some of the other 105s via the air (and, of course, via the LAN).


No point in spending the extra money if I can't take full advantage of the 135.






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Re: IAP-105 and IAP-135 On Same Network

I want to say that it is more about the capability of the clients that connect, than anything else.  The access point's performance is dictated by what clients can support what features; otherwise, access points are just beaconing.  Since the majority of clients are 2x2 laptops or single stream clients (handhelds), both access points support both sets of features, so there should not be any "dumbing down".


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Re: IAP-105 and IAP-135 On Same Network



Primarily this will be for iPads running in the 5 GHz range, but we do have other laptops that can take advantage of the 3x3.  


I'm also looking forward.  If I'm going to buy new APs, I might as well get the one with more capabilities.

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