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IAP-105 guest ssid not using the vlan

I setup 6 IAP-105s with the employee ssid on vlan 1 and guest ssid on vlan 10. The guest ssid seems to be natting the traffic instead of just dropping the traffic onto vlan 10 to get to the switch and ultimately out to the internet. I don't want the IAPs to do any natting and I want the clients who connect to the employee ssid to be on vlan 1 and clients who connect to the guest ssid to be on vlan 10. Vlan 1 will also be the management vlan.


I need to also have the VC setup to hand out dhcp addresses on vlan 10 to wired and wireless clients. The wireless and wired clients need to be able to be on the same network and communicate. I do have the dhcp pool setup to handout addresses on vlan 10 so I should be set there.

It seems the guest ssid is natting as my test client was able to get to the internet without configuring vlan 10 on the switch the IAP is connected to.

What do I need to configure to disable all natting and get this working?

I am using version I know there is a newer version but the VC does not seem to find it and I don’t know where to download it.


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Re: IAP-105 guest ssid not using the vlan

Here are screen shots of the vlan settings.



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Re: IAP-105 guest ssid not using the vlan

How come VLAN 10 is not assigned on the trunk?

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Re: IAP-105 guest ssid not using the vlan

Sorry. I setup a second employee test ssid real quick and removed 10 and put in 2000 when I did the screen shot. Attached it the way it was except when I did  the quick testing.


Does the wired port have to be trunked with both vlan 1 and vlan 10 and then it should not nat anymore because it still nats the traffic insead of just using the vlan?


 Also, do I need to setup a wired profile for each ssid? there is only one physical enet port on the IAP-105s. Not sure if ports 0/0, 0/1. 0/2 are logical.

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