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IAP-105 inside Cisco ASA losing connectivity

Good day-

I have a (single, virtual controller) IAP-105 sitting inside a Cisco ASA.  The 105 is directly connected to the ASA PoE port and the virtual controller pulls an IP address in the 10.8.1.X subnet from the DHCP server on the ASA.  Intermittently, on a daily basis, wireless clients remain connected to the SSID but have no Internet connectivity through the ASA.  The ASA shows that PoE port to the 105 is connected (shows status up/up) but I cannot PING to the IP of the virtual controller.  The only two 'fixes' are to wait it out for a couple minutes and then everything recovers, or to do a shut/no shut on the PoE interface on the ASA, essentially rebooting the 105.  I haven't seen any red flags in logging on the ASA nor in the 105.  There are no issues on wired LAN users connected to the same ASA.  I'm wondering if anyone else out there has suggestions, input, any pointers.  Thanks in advance...


PS - seeing max about 34 clients connected to the IAP, of which MAYBE 5 are active connections, the rest are just employee BYOD that auto-connect within range but are not doing anything.

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Re: IAP-105 inside Cisco ASA losing connectivity

What version of instant is running on the IAP-105?

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Re: IAP-105 inside Cisco ASA losing connectivity

Hello CJoseph and thanks or the reply!

The IAP was on but I upgraded it to the latest greatest (as available through the GUI online update process) which is 6.4.  The problem continued.  Last Friday I pulled it off the PoE port on the Cisco ASA as I've seen other people have issues with (non Aruba) PoE devices hanging off the PoE ports on ASA and inserted a power injector.  I'll keep an eye on it throughout the day and see if this helps.  Based on the fact I've heard of no issues with this AP until we hung it off the ASA PoE port, I'm leaning towards it being an issue between the IAP and the ASA PoE interface.  Will advise within 2 days (this happens at least once per day) if changing the upstream interface helped.  Thanks again and please let me know if you have any input, suggestions, or other questions.  Thanks!

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Re: IAP-105 inside Cisco ASA losing connectivity

Just a quick update - moving the IAP >OFF< the PoE port on the ASA and putting it on non-PoE port with a power injector seemed to fix the issues.  We've been well over 1.5 weeks and had not loss of (client) upstream connectivity, and this was happening on a daily basis at minimum.  I'll consider this one resolved in moving the IAP >OFF< the Cisco ASA PoE port.  Thanks to all for your time and input.  Cheers...

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