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IAP 105 keep on rebooting

Hi Guys,


I had deployed 16 IAP 105 without connecting to controller. Recently, most of the IAP keep on rebooting by itself.


Aruba Operating System Software.

ArubaOS (MODEL: 105), Version


Copyright (c) 2002-2013, Aruba Networks, Inc.

Compiled on 2013-04-19 at 06:19:40 PDT (build 38115) by p4build

AP uptime is 1 hour 44 minutes 26 seconds

Reboot Time and Cause: AP rebooted Thu Jun 27 10:15:56 UTC 2013; Process /aruba/bin/snmpd has too many open files (778)

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Re: IAP 105 keep on rebooting

Please open a support case so that we can observe it on your equipment.

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Re: IAP 105 keep on rebooting

I already opened tac case # 1432610

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Re: IAP 105 keep on rebooting

TAC informed to upgrade firmware to


They said its unknown issue. Not sure wheter new firmware able to fix this issue.


Any comment guys...


Re: IAP 105 keep on rebooting

Are you doing any kind of SNMP to the IAP?

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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