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IAP-105 problem getting them to join..

Hi, i have three IAP-105:s one is configured and working with two vlans, two SSIDs and VC ip, this one and the other two is all connected to the same switch with correct vlan config (they can ping each other), they get dhcp all on the same net. on the two that are not "Master" the correct ip for the master and a encrypted key is shown if i run "show sum" But the other two does not show up in the VC interface under access points... BR Daniel
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Re: IAP-105 problem getting them to join..

Update: if i change auto join mode to disabled then i can see the mac addresses of the other two AP:s under Access Points but they are listed as not connected.. BR Daniel
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Re: IAP-105 problem getting them to join..

If ping each other is ok,  could you  set the log system to information and got the log on Master AP,  You can set log level by Settings->show advance options  > syslog tab, or even setup a syslog server to recieve the log.

show log debug or show log system to find keywords link "recv_image_check", maybe can find the root cause.

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