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IAP-105's password reset

I have a couple of IAP-105 only with virtual controller, fixed on some high walls.

The problem is that the administration password got lost.


Is it possible to reset the password by only connecting per console to one of the accesspoints ?
Or do I have to get all of them down to reset them each individually ?


Thanks for any idea!

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Re: IAP-105's password reset

Note:  This can only be done via the console port and must be on the AP acting as the Virtural Controller (VC).   If you do not know who is the VC is, likely since you cannot login, and this is a multi-AP group, the easist thing will be to power down all but one AP in the group.  The one remaining AP will become the VC.


- Connect to that master IAP using a console cable.

- Enter the user name as "admin".

-  Enter the password as "forgetme!".


You can see what the current password is or just reset it.


To see the current Password:

      -Type "show mgmt-user"


     If the password is encrypted, issue this command to disable the encryption:

      encrypt disable


     To see the password, issue this command:

     show mgmt-user


To reset the password, issue this command:

     # Conf t

     (conf t)#mgmt-user admin <password>


-Save the configuration using the command "write mem"

-Power up the rest of the APs.  The VC will push the new config to the members.


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