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IAP 114/115 periodically reboot for unknown reason


We have recently deployed 39 IAP 114/115 throughout a district of 3 schools.   They are running version Each school has it's own seperate vlan structure for wireless.  Each structure consists of a vlan for wireless management, secure wireless, and guest wireless. We have a virtual controller for each location. Each AP is connected to Cisco 2960 POE+.  Here is an example of the port config for one of the clusters.  


 switchport trunk native vlan 55
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 15-19,35-39,55-59
 switchport mode trunk
 switchport nonegotiate


We have had complaints from users about being kicked off the wireless and when troubleshooting, we noticed that the AP's are rebooting. When we investigated all the AP's we found they all will randomly reboot periodically throughout the day but not at the same time. From what we can tell, there is no commonality to the AP's rebooting. For example, we just had 4 AP's connected to 3 different switches reboot. When we do a show version, it will tell us the uptime as well as "Reboot Time and Cause: unknown"


Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: IAP 114/115 periodically reboot for unknown reason

is there anything in the switch logging around that time?


is there anything in the IAP logging around that time?

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Re: IAP 114/115 periodically reboot for unknown reason



maybe you can use Airwvave to found the issue. If you don´t have airwave: It is easy to install, ask your Aruba partner to get an test lizenz...


You must install an syslog server where your switches and your iaps sent syslog infos to it.

Than you can find the issue in the logs, when thre problem happens again..



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