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IAP-114 and external antenna




I have a question for you experts. I have a IAP-114, with 3 external antenna connectors. I bought an AP-ANT-17 antenna.

I was wondering how can be connected the 3 wires coming out from the antenna. Which is the correct order?

Is this order modifying in some ways the wave shape, polarization or something else?

Or may be the connection order is not modifying anything?





Re: IAP-114 and external antenna

I don't believe it matters

Seth R. Fiermonti
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Re: IAP-114 and external antenna

This interests me as well.  Also I assume you place it on the wall with the pigtails and polarization arrows down?

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Re: IAP-114 and external antenna

The AP-ANT-17 is a 3x3 AP which matches the AP-11x capabilities.  As such, as Seth mentioned, it does not matter which antenna leads you connect to the AP connectors -- so long as you connect all three.   Not connecting all three would cause performance loss.


The only time you would need to worry about which connectors to use is if you are using a 3x3 antenna connecting to a 2x2 AP.  One lead of the antenna is left disconnected and this will vary from antenna to antenna.


Generally, when mounting the antenna to the wall the pigtails drop straight down.  There may also be "weep holes" for condensation drainage at the bottom of the antenna.  The weep holes should point down.

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