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IAP-115 DHCP problem get ip

Hi Guys


I have a problem to get IP over IAP for my topology.

We're using IAP115 with firmware but a few minutes ago we were using and the version

The full scenario below:

53 IAP 115
Configured to used a VLAN 300 as native vlan and then have 3 others vlan: 10, 90 and 95.

Four ssid created that uses those VLAN.
CORP : vlan 10
Guest: vlan 95
Mobile: vlan 95
VIP: vlan 90

All scope DHCP are created in MS DHCP and working as well with other wireless solution and working as well if I put the switch to access mode.

We're migrating from Cisco to Aruba.

When I try to connect with some of those SSID I can't get an IP.
In the VC alerts I see the following:
Wrong Client VLAN
DHCP request timed out

From the VC I can reach the DHCP as well, the VC IP/MASK/VLAN are configured because without these I can't access any resource in my network.
At the default_wired_profile the vlan Native is 300 and allow all other vlan. The uplink management vlan is not configured.


I try to configure all three scope as Centralized, L2 but it doesn't work. All the time when I try to save I receive the message below:

Error here. no dhcp-relay configured yet


Even I do in CLI or WEB.


The switch port is configured as below:

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport trunk native vlan 300

switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,90,95,300

switchport mode trunk

Any thoughts about that. 



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Re: IAP-115 DHCP problem get ip

Hi Friend,


Please ensure that you have configured  the Helper Address properly fo all the VLANs those you have mapped to the SSIDs.


You will find this option when you are trying to configure DHCP in the IAP.


Please feelfree for any furhter help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: IAP-115 DHCP problem get ip

Hi Dhanraj

I've configured the helper address but when I try to save it even in CLI mode or WEB, came out that message.



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Re: IAP-115 DHCP problem get ip

Problem solved.


Since my switch has DHCP relay configured and all vlan's are tagged at the port the IAP doesn't need to have the scope configured.


After I remove the configuration I could get IP from all VLAN.


Thanks for your time.



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