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IAP-175 meshing

Anyone have any experience with meshing IAP-175's together?  I am considering using them though I have experienced difficulites meshing on other Instant indoor APs, mostly due to the meshing only on 5GHz  band limitation and lack of knobs/tweaks to meshing like there is on a controller based meshing  Campus AP.


Is the IAP-175 Instant platform more configurable, like being able to choose to mesh on 2.4ghz? and have more bells and whistles simliar to meshing with a controller based AP?



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Re: IAP-175 meshing

IAP-175 also has the same limitation as indoor APs as both run same code.



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Re: IAP-175 meshing

Meshing only with 2.4GHZ will make your SNR very will make the noise level very high....

That's one of the main reasons why when deploying mesh units(and it's really doesn't matter of which vendor) - you should give an access in one spectrum and backhul in a different spectrum.


You may also consider using Aruba Airmesh products. (that was designed and got more config option)



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