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IAP 204/205, IAP303 and InstantOS


I am currently using IAP 204, 205 and 207 without any problem with firmware and it all works in Instant mode. I have now added IAP303 and it does not work because the IAP 303 works at least with firmware and IAP 204/205 can not have this firmware version.
What to do ? Will the next firmware ( ?) support IAP204 or 205?

Another problem, Airwave does not yet support the firmware InstantOS When is the next Airwave update scheduled?




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Re: IAP 204/205, IAP303 and InstantOS

I just talked to support yesterday and they told me that the 205 is not getting updated past I am none too happy about it. I have a cluster of 205s, 215s and 315s. I am not sure why they would opt to leave the 205 out of the latest version, as it is the same product family as the 215.


What this means is that either my cluster has to remain at or I would have to have 2 clusters. Which would be ridiculous.


I am supposed to hear back from a member of the engineering team today. I will let you know if they tell me anything different.

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