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IAP-205 Gateway Unreachable Reboot



I have an IAP-205 that's on an isolated network, it has no connection to the outside world. The Ethernet port connects to a Cisco IE 3010 switch for our non-wireless devices.


The IAP-205 is configured with an IP of with a subnet mask of The switch is set to with the same subnet. On the IAP-205 I set the gateway to be since it wouldn't boot without one (no DHCP server on the network).


However, every 15 minutes or so the IAP-205 reboots itself and gives the reason "Gateway Unreachable". This goes on for half the day, and eventually it seems to stop. Unfortuantly, the entire system is powered down daily so the next day the process repeats itself.


Is there a setting I'm just not seeing that would prevent the IAP-205 from rebooting if it can't reach a gateway? My searches have not come up with anything yet.


Thank you for any insight you can provide.

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Re: IAP-205 Gateway Unreachable Reboot

Any suggestions, or are Aruba IAP's not capable of running on an isolated network?

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