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IAP-205-RW unable to establish VPN to 7220 or very flaky, other models no issue

here is an interesting one.

my IAP-205-RW ( or is unable to establish a VPN to an Aruba 7220 running

What is even more interesting is that this network has a total of 4 x 7220s (all masters) and it can only establish a VPN with 1 out of the 4. 

It has no issues establishing with a 7210 running 


If I upgrade the controllers running to or, it still cannot establish a tunnel. 

I have also tested the following models

103, 115, 215 and 225s and they have 0 issues establishing a tunnel to the 4 master controllers. 


What makes it worse is that i have a cluster out in Seattle and it is terminating on one of the controllers that my IAP-205 at my desk cannot terminate to. 

I have opened a case with TAC and i am currently awaiting an answer.


I have ruled out firewalls, etc. from my desk all the other IAP models worked but my 205. 

Pasquale M. | Senior Network Solutions Consultant
ACDX #420 | ACCA
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