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IAP-205-US & IAP-275-US Compatibility?

Just got a new IAP-275-US, trying to add it into a VC cluster with IAP-205-US's, I manually updated the firmware on the 275 to match the 205's ( When the IAP booted up, it'd consistently elect itself as a new master, so I added these two lines at the apboot prompt:

iap_controller_less 1

iap_master 0


Now the 275 boots & tries to join the VC cluster, but it fails, the VC shows: AP register fail because of regulatory domain mismatch & the 'show log system' is giving me: AP regulatory domains don't match Master-0, slave-200, reason-4


Am I missing something obvious on this? Thanks for the help/advice!

Re: IAP-205-US & IAP-275-US Compatibility?

You might want to try the latest software, to avoid any existing bugs if possible.


After that, a show tech, when the issue occurs, from the master and the slave 275 will be appreciated.

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Re: IAP-205-US & IAP-275-US Compatibility?

We ended up RMA'ing the device- we went through a few different options, firmware, config, etc. We ended up never getting the device to truly act "like an IAP" -- seemed to keep throwing errors like an AP-275 would have. 

Props to TAC!

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