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IAP 205 and IAP 207 in same network

I have an IAP 205 running for a few months now and i wanted to extend my wifi-network, so I just added an IAP 207 to it. Unfortunaltely I don't seem to be able to let them both work at the same time.

They are both connected to the same switch , same Ip-range/subnet.

The 205 has an VC configured and the 207 has been added the same VC Ip-settings.

Now , the situation is that the first AP thas is started sends out the (3) SSID's and the second doesn't broadcast anything. So when I start the 207 first , the 205 is reachable by browser through the cabled network, but you can't connect wifi to it. If however the 205 is started first , you can connect wifi , but the 207 doesn't broadcast anymore.

Both AP's have auto join enabled ... anyone can help me out ??

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Re: IAP 205 and IAP 207 in same network

Does the network have internet access?  Here is what should happen:


- 1st AP comes up and broadcasts

- 2nd up comes up and finds first AP.

- If first AP is not in the same family as the second AP, it will redirect the 2nd AP to the cloud to get its firmware

- If the internet is blocked, the second AP cannot join.


You can either:


- Web into the 2nd AP and upgrade it to the same firmware of the first AP manually

- Bring it up on a network that has access to the internet.


Update: you can find the software here:

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Re: IAP 205 and IAP 207 in same network

Were they on the same rev of code before attempting to join to the 205 to make a cluster? Even though they are both in the 200 series class, they do run different images. Upgrade the 207 to the same version of the 205, then try to have it join thee cluster again.

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Re: IAP 205 and IAP 207 in same network

As of today IAP205 and IAP207 both have firmware version and now indeed they can broadcast the SSID's both at the same time , as it should be.

There were only a few months between the moment I bought the first and the second, but apparently the difference of firmware versions was too big. Thanks for your support in solving this enoying issue ! 

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