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IAP-205 vs IAP-215 Small Business Office

Hi All,


Looking for some feedback regarding Aruba Instant Access Points for our Small Office.  First i'll give a rundown of our office.


- 2000 sq/ft, pretty open office

- 30 employees

- No concrete walls, only drywall

- Bandwith 100Mbps down, 100Mbps Up

- Have about 30-40 devices connected to our current Wifi, including smart phones, tablets and computers.  This number will grow with time.

- Purpose of AP is for Web, Email, Video Conferencing, VoIP and networking (file transers, RDP etc)

- We are in a VLAN environment and Have PoE switches

- Most of our devices are Wireless N, but starting to see more devices

- Have a few employees that supports MIMO type 3x3 (macs and high end Lenovo's) other than that all othe devices are 1x1(mobile phones/tablets) and 2x2 desktop computers.


Been looking at the IAP-205/215 to replace our current AP and to future proof our wireless for a few years.  Trying to figure out which model to go with.  Seems like the IAP-205 would be a good choice as from i understand it will support upto roughly 20 users per band for general internet usage. Since we do more than just internet browsing wondering if that would be good enough for the throughput.


On the flip side, the IAP-215 would handle more users/throughput and also supports MIMO type 3x3 (we have very little users that can actually utilize 3x3, so maybe this feature isn't a selling point)


Also, since we are a small office (2000 sq/ft) would it be a good idea to get two AP for failover and/or split the load?


Any suggestions on models from the info i have provided above?  If you need any further informatin let me know.






Re: IAP-205 vs IAP-215 Small Business Office

205s would be more than adequate and I would get at least 2, maybe 3.

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Re: IAP-205 vs IAP-215 Small Business Office

Both models would be adequate in my opinion. The important thing is to truly understand the applications that will be used throughout the office and how they will be used as this will be the deciding factor how many APs you would get and what model.

One AP can probably cover the entire office floor for RF purposes (coverage) but a design for capacity is what you need in this case based on your requirements.
30 users browsing the web vs 30 users all doing a combination of VOIP, remote desktop sharing, video conferencing, web surfing is another ball game. You would want to make sure you have the necessary capacity to handle the load and balance the traffic accordingly.
A nifty little tool from RevolutionWi-FI ( is the capacity planner which will help with this. Check it out here ->
Check out the VRD pages to see if one of the VRDs can help make a decision.

Here is one of the breakout sessions give by the guy who runs RevolutionWi-Fi at this years Airheads in Vegas talking about capacity design -->

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Re: IAP-205 vs IAP-215 Small Business Office

Great, thank you both for the suggestion and replies... Much appreciated...


I'll definately take a look at the links you provided...