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IAP-205H-US Does not convert to RAP for one user


Sorry, I'm a bit of a rookie with Activate... and Aruba in general but I've got a strange issue going on. We have sent out about 20 IAP-205-H to users with the intention of them convertign to RAPs at thier houses. All have been fine, expect one user. Her's never converts. The status stays "shipped" instead of "provisioned" and her mode stays "IAP-VC" instead of "RAP. 

She's using FIOS like most of our other users. She used to have a RAP105 until we upgraded about 2 weeks ago and it was fine. She says she used the same port on her FIOS router as the old RAP105 and has even tried other ports on her router. She says she's never done anything to her FIOS router that she's had for the last year (i.e. no config tweaks of any kind to the FIOS router). 

Has anyone seen anything like this before?


*Editing to add a screen shot of what I'm seeing in Activate*

Re: IAP-205H-US Does not convert to RAP for one user



1. make sure IAP can reach out to activate, by resolving and NTP ports are not blocked. show log ap-debug and show log provision will help. Can you paste them here?


console of a 205H is tricky, but you can SSH into it to get the above. or use the GUI as well.


2. if IAP is talking to activate make sure, the device is moved to the proper folder where rule of provisioning exists.


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